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"I just downloaded the maps you prepared for me and I am very very happy with the results. Due to the large variety of surname spelling variations, I was concerned about how confusing your maps would be. When I saw the results, I was very pleased. My ancestors were very inconsistent about how they spelled their surname, but by merging several variations on one map, I was able to see some of the immigration patterns. I will be ordering more maps in the future for other surnames in America as well as some surnames in the UK. Thank you!" RR

"Fantastic! Thanks very much. The maps look great. It is a great way to visualize the data.  Flicking through the maps on a browser allows me to see how the surname migrated over time. It's crying out for a one name study, don't you think?" -DA

"My American maps far exceeded my expectations. The 1850 distribution has been very helpful in establishing migration patterns of my family in the 19th century, The map printed up beautifully!"   -RK

"Surname Origins skillfully fills a need for geographic specificity in surname distribution maps for Ireland. The maps are the first to offer customers Irish surname distributions using advanced GIS methods to examine a surname's geographic distribution and frequencies below the county level. This enhances the surname and family researchers' efforts to identify the likely place(s) of origin for a given surname variant. I am thrilled with the results!" -MB

"Many thanks. The consultation process was very helpful considering I was never a great geography student! Can't wait to take my maps to our next SIG show and tell" ;-) -MC

I had seen maps of my surname drawn at the state level but this is really useful. The level of detail on the county map is truly outstanding. Thanks for your work. Much appreciated. -DK

How exciting to have a web-site that has researched and produced these wonderful maps.  As Research Director for the Hocking Descendants Society Inc, these maps aid my research significantly with the different locations of the various Hocking (and variant spellings of this name) families.  We tend to think mainly of the family origins in Cornwall but I was very surprised to see the number of families who had migrated to other mining areas in search of employment.  Congratulations again, we  look forward to future applications becoming available. ( Historic  National Landscape ,click the maps to enlarge)





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