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Pricing Policies....

Each map project is based on a single data base . The listed prices are based on SurnameOrigins sourcing the data for your project. If the data is supplied by the client a 20% discount will be applied.

Basic map project ( $10 USD )

A basic project consists of a single map. The view can be national, or regional (State or County). The base map will include state, and or county boundaries and/or other applicable administrative boundaries. Significant areas of interest can be annotated on the map. 

Bonus map project ( $15 USD )

In addition to the basic map, a second map view will be included. It might be a map of a specific region, state or county. Additionally it could be rendered on an historically appropriate base map. You determine what might best suit your needs. 

Premium map project ( $20 USD )

A premium map project consists of four maps. The maps might include a national scale map (basic project), an historic national view, a regional view, or a map illustrating the impact of the physical landscape on the surname distribution. These choices are best determined after examining the surname distribution, and through consultation with the researcher.

Additionally the four maps will be included in a "web module" that can conveniently display the four maps on your browser. The web module can be maintained on your local hard drive, or it could easily be incorporated into a web site.

Custom map project (Price Negotiable)

It may be that your map needs cannot be defined by the above three options. For example you may have several databases which you wish to be mapped. If you  have a project you would like to discuss feel free to contact us with your ideas.

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