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Map Your Irish Surname....

Surname Origins creates the most detailed  Irish surname distribution maps available on the internet. We specialize in creating custom hand crafted electronic  maps based on the 1901 census. This is the earliest, most complete and most detailed census available for Irish researchers.

Finding the homeland of your Irish Ancestor...

Surname Origins specializes in identifying surname clusters of your family name.  We create our maps using over 3,500 District Electoral Divisions. Maps with this degree of spatial detail are only available from Surname Origins.

Identifying the homeland of your ancestor can depend on a number of  factors. If your name is Kelly or Sullivan we probably can't help you. However if your name is less common we may be able to assist you in focusing your search by undertaking complex census queries  and mapping the results.

If you know the surname of a spouse, and if they married before emigrating  a distribution of both surnames can often provide a valuable clue as to the area of origin. If you have oral history that might provide location clues we can attempt to identify and map these locations using place name data bases.

View some examples of our Irish surname distributions maps.

 To enquire about ordering a surname map of Ireland contact Surname Origins

Download a free copy of our Famine Population change maps. Based on 3,400 District electoral divisions. The maps detail the change in population between 1841 and 1901.

View more examples of our Irish surname maps on Pinterest.




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