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Surname Origins.... is a unique surname mapping service which brings over 20 years of  mapping experience to the desk of the family or surname researcher. We employ mapping techniques which produce the most detailed historical surname distribution maps on the internet.  We pride ourselves on creating reasonably priced high quality maps of England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland and The United States.

Surname maps: If you require a map for a publication or family reunion our maps provide that added touch. Each map is tailored to your needs. We can provide high quality images for web or print format.

Personalized family research

Surname distribution maps are a useful tool for the family as well as surname researcher. We can undertake more detailed research assignments to assist you in your research.  It has long been recognized that many surnames remain close to their geographic point of origin. We can include clues that are part of your oral or documented history and put them into a geographic context. Thru a process we call "triangulation" we can cross reference the surnames of spouses, parents or grandparents to assost in identifying probable homelands for your family.

Why are our surname maps different?

  • Each map or research project is distinctive and will reflect your preferences and needs.
  • We can map a wide range of historical data sets.
  • We use parish, registration, or county (US) area units, to create highly detailed maps. We do not create maps based on county or state geographic units as the detail is insufficient  for meaningful analysis.
  • Our surname distribution maps can be rendered at the national, regional, county and the local scale
  • One of our most popular map options is a surname variant map which displays a surname, and several  "related" spelling variants on one map. The spelling variants are  frequently found in association with the primary surname and are often regional in nature.
  • We can accurately overlay the maps on historically appropriate map images.

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